A typical american kid, having himself a time.

ET and friends

Mr.Terrestrial and one of his friends on earth.

USA is a country on the earth. There's a lot of fat people in this area, it is probably a part of the country's military policy. Our employees suspect they are planning to bomb the other countries with fatties under the next world war.

Technology Edit

USA is most famous for the invention of fast food. The idea of this gastronomic creation is to transform cows into meat as fast as possible. This food can be bought on corners and streets all over the USA, and this are the only places the fat people go to eat.

A comment from Mr.Terrestrial Edit

Earth don't have many tourists from outer space, but the famous actor from Allagoura Six; Alfie Extra c. Von Terrestrial were there once. Actually, he wrecked into the USA as a kid. The Guide wasn't able to interview him, because the travel to Allagoura Six is so long it wouldn't have been enough time for lunch breaks. But according to his manager he said this:

If every country on Earth had been a fish, the USA would have been a selfish.

Whatever that means...

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