I'll be back!

The Terminator is a butt kicking robot disquised as Arnold Schwarzenegger. He can withstand many types of ammuntion and some bombs. At first he was sent to terminate people. He was from some distant future where there is a lot of killing machine cyborgs. Then he was all like sent to protect and kill some other robot. He has a lot of guns and could easily kill Chuck Norris. He has a famous phrase which is: "I'll be back!". He comes back. Usually with a buch of guns. There are also bad guy terminators who try to kill the good one. Theres one that is like liquid metal and can takes shapes. Another one is a girl who is a new better terminator because she kicks the good one in the face! The Terminator does not need food or drink. He does not need sleep. He cannot go poo or take a whiz. He can blow up a tractor trailer while on a mortorcycle, though.