Sex is apparently a life process where you put your circle into a hole and then you thrust it, apparently something white and gooey comes out when you thrust it so much, and that material can apparently make more humans through a process called reproduction, which is a complex and hard process to understand. Seriously, I can't understand it myself, with the holes, and the circles and the vanilla and stuff. I mean seriously, how can I understand this sex stuff, it's too complex. Even more complex then the answer to life, the unverse, and everything, I'd doubt that anyone could even figure out this sex stuff. Even if they tried through some sort of thing called Discovery, which is likely to succeed.

I suppose it involves body movement I guess, but what else does it involve? Does it involve movement, does it involve something? What does it involve? And that's the part of sex I wish I could change. It's the fact that it involves a lot of pumping, Do I have to buy a water pump for this? Mostly anyone's who've done sex will of known this, but I'd doubt that anyone in that line exists. There are a lot of sex moves you can try out, Missionary, The.... Pump? 69?, wait how is 69 a sex position. Well I don't understand sex, me being in the guide and all. Me being Barry Scott, why would Barry Scott ever understand love? I guess some people won't find out.

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