Loose change is one of the more curious and underestimated forces on the planet. Pennies, nickels, dimes, etc. It has the curious and inexplicable tendency to congregate in many unusual places, such as in jars, and under the sofa. Yet, given time, these small bits of currency can quickly add up until they present a force all their own. People tend to loose change without ever noticing it, along sidewalks and in laundry rooms, and often it remains simply that: lost. However, there is the small chance that it will be found by someone else, and will end up congregating in their jars instead. In the event that your spare change grows to the point that it can no longer be held by jars, then you have a few options: you could put it in a bank, where it can accumulate further with the addition of interest; you could go out and buy something that you had been previously unable to afford; or you could do something else entirely.