Apparently life is the opposite of death, mostly because you are living instead of laying there on the ground, motionless. Apparently you experience 2 cycles, day and night instead of lying there seeing only pitch darkness. I don't know much about this life thing, being a voice of the guide (aka a robot) instead of an actual human being. But I think that you eat food and meet other people in this thing called life. Additional, you also get to take up a job, have children, get rich, do anything you want in this life. This is what life is according to "The Game of Life" manual I found in a conveniently placed box containing a board game and some pieces. So I know life only by reading the manual of a board game, don't you think that I, Barry Scott would want a life? No, mostly because I remain the voice of the guide until... Well until this guide stops getting sold, which seems very, very unlikely. If you know what life is, tell me now!

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