Hitchhiking is one way to get around the earth. It is recommended to find other means of transportation first if at all possible. Hitchhiking could be dangerous and/or illegal in many parts of Earth.

How to HitchhikeEdit

If you wish to resort to hitchhiking, stand beside a road, stretch out your arm parallel to the ground, close your fist, stick out your thumb, point it vertically into the air, and try to look harmless. If you are lucky, someone who is also harmless will offer you a free ride. Good Luck.

What to CarryEdit

While you are hitchhiking, or traveling by any means for that matter, it is recommended to carry a few useful things with you.

  1. Towel: A towel is the most useful tool there is. It is always recommended to carry one.
  2. Food: You need something to eat, right?
  3. Water: Some say it's even more important than food. Drink it.
  4. Money: It's good to have some of the local accepted currency. It also doesn't hurt to have a few bills from larger powerful nations. Many places on Earth use credit cards or checks. And in a pinch, carry gold or silver coins or jewelry. Try sewing a coin into your clothing or your towel for use in emergencies. Almost anyone on Earth would love these precious metals.