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Forward is usually a thing or "phenomenon" that's caused by things going straight, straight north, straight south, I don't know. But it is known that everything in the world does move forward, everything! How can everything move forward, I mean it's just a thing. And how can so many things move forward, I am appealed by the science that has been put into this. I've seen things move, but they all move forward? Bullshit. Moving forward is just a myth, even though I see things move every time. Nope, just a myth, even though it's been proven so many times, a myth and nothing more then a myth, besides, how could we move forward anyway? I mean everyone does it but I don't know how, it involves putting your left foot then your right foot then... I don't know, but it's still a myth.

Things that don't moveEdit

Ha, guess forward is a myth after all.

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