Needing sleep:

I really need to go to bed,

Yet I find myself surfing the net.

Tomorrow morning I must wake,

Bright and early to make a chocolate cake.

Twenty-two people I have to feed,

This is the reason I need the sleep.

I’ve been desperate, trying in fain,

Spurring sleep on with champagne.

But this does not help you see,

Since all I do now is pee.

Is there anyone who can help?

I have to ask but I really doubt.

The problem I am sure you will agree,

Is not sleep for me;

It is waking when the day is new,

To get up and create my brew.

Getting up out of my bed,

To earn my daily bread.

But, while I’ve been sitting here messing,

I came across a true blessing.

A delicious dark chocolate cake recipe

That leaves more time free for me.

Adding lots of extra cream,

Will give me more time to dream.

Delighted I must say,

To know that I can continue with today.

By Stefanie Dreyer

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