See how it resembles an ass?

California is a state, located in America. I don't get why people say it's special when in actually it's just a piece of land shaped like an ass. It does look like an ass doesn't it, I mean if you look at it from the map it does look like an ass doesn't it?, doesn't it? Well... Let's continue. California is home to many things of incredible note, things such as the world's largest gay community, the the world's second largest prison, the insanely dry desert and the county full of teens, mostly this place sports a threat of level 4 to you hitchhikers, which means that you may die, maybe. But don't count yourself safe yet, you may face dangers even in a level 4 zone, and danger is mostly equal to death. So you have been warned, or not. I'm just the guide, I don't know what to decide for you hitchhikers.

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